Saturday, July 16, 2005


I am beginning to feel better.

Physically : I still require lots of rest, not one of my favorite things to do, but I'm learning.
Emotionally : Much better, not so raw. For days I felt like I was either, going to sob uncontrallably or burst into hysterical laughter at the most inappropriate time.
Spiritually : I feel at peace, a very cool feeling!

Today is a good day.
I am grateful.

We bought a guitar today, I can't wait to learn how to play!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice blog, I am starting a new room when my group moves to its new board soon for recovery Blogs. You are welcome to stop by and contact me at
and let me know if you want to be listed when we get going. My members would also love to contribute to your stories I am sure.

Thanks for carrying the message..


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